Stamford Fitness FAQ

Can I buy a Classes only membership?

Because the value of our Membeships is so good – starting at just £25pcm – we considered that it would not make sense to offer a lesser amount for only a gym or classes only option 
We are in the process of moving from the old openplay bookings and payment system to the new membership based Clubware system and you will see this change on our website shortly
In the new system you will need to login in and book but won’t be able to pay until to arrive at reception and the cost will be £7 per session. We have priced it this way to encourage our customers to buy and benefit from membership of Stamford Fitness
In money terms if you attend 4 classes a month at £7=£28 and a membership – which gives you all the classes you can book and unlimited use of the gym costs from £25pcm!
We have provided an example timetable here http://bordervillesportscentre.co.uk/classes/ and I’m pleased to say that we should open with a timetable very similar to this 
Do give me a call if you have any questions
Tel: 01780 765590

Does Membership include Aerobic Classes and Spinning and well as the Gym?

Yes! see example timetable here http://bordervillesportscentre.co.uk/classes/

What Aerobic & Spinning Classes will be Provided to Members?

Classes and spinning are included in your membership at no additional cost (except NCS Staff and Student Memberships) and it is our policy to provide and develop class with the feedback from Members.  The starting timetable will be simiar to this http://bordervillesportscentre.co.uk/classes/

How do I join / will I get a health check and induction?

Yes!  you will get a health check and induction but you are welcome to use the gym with out these if you are a confident gym user 

Details of the easy joining process are here http://bordervillesportscentre.co.uk/test-copy-copy/

What is the minimum age for Stamford Fitness?

The minimum age for Stamford Fitness is 16 

For those less than 16 years old they would be restricted to those times only when an instructor is present so from 6-8pm weekdays